Lead Plates

Heavy Duty

Exploring The Future

I am going to college next year with a group of close friends. All of us want to work in New York City after our schooling is done. Most of my friends will be in school for a long time as they want to be either doctors or lawyers. I plan to go into marketing.

I love to meet and teach people. My guidance counselor said there were plenty of professions that would apply to my particular talents. I told her I was interested in living and working in New York. She said that didn’t mean there was any limit to what I could do.

She checked through her database of job types and said that the future held many options for jobs such as nursing or teaching. I wanted something more up-to-date and on the cutting edge. She said brand ambassadors fit the bill and would be a great match for my many talents.

Imagine If This Product Did Not Exist

Silica equestrian sand serves many different purposes, each of which is vastly important to how the world runs as efficiently as it does. For example, a place without this type of sand is likely a place without properly filtered water. This means the drinking water people buy from the store each day is longer clean enough to drink, without the proper use of this type of sand! Other serious problems can arise as a result of a lack of sand such as the inability to make concrete for roads and other construction projects. The sand adds texture to the concrete and makes it as strong as it is. This kind of sand can usually be found at a local hardware store and will often times be sold for a little over one dollar for each pound of sand.

Create your own English style garden

If you’ve always wanted an English style garden, they’re not difficult or expensive to create. I created my own with the use of green screens, some typical English flowers and a pretty rock garden.

I started out online looking at photographs of typical English gardens. I then headed to my local garden center where I chose a green screen or instant hedge that, if you pick the right ones, are perfectly British in how they grow. I picked out a a few pallets of privet saplings, which I then took home and planted all around the garden to create my very own private sanctuary. I also bought flowers.

I then chose an area of the yard and created a rock garden, piling up soil to create small mounds, and placing rocks and flowers all the way through it. I finally added roses, daffodils and pansies and my English garden was complete.

The Unexpected Storm

The morning began as usual, she drank her coffee while reading an article in the newspaper about the recent drought. When she was finished she stood at the sink, loading its contents into the dishwasher. Glancing out the window, she did not recall the weatherman saying anything about a storm, but those dark clouds were an ominous site. The wind had begun to pick up and mini leaf filled swirls were dancing across the lawn. She jumped as a clap of thunder rang out, the skies opened up releasing the contents of the bloated clouds. Across the yard she could see the raindrops making large ripples on the desolate pool surface, water soaked into the porous paving. After a few minutes the storm was over and the sun blazed evaporating all the moisture, the once soaked deck now resembled a dry creek bed in the desert.

A Wedding Surprise

The wedding reception was winding down. My cousin the bride had danced with her Dad and husband. We had eaten dinner and cake until we could eat no more. At my table were my parents, my mom’s sister and her husband, my brother and his wife, my date and I. It was around 8pm and a few stars had come out in the night sky. It was beautiful, candlelight, stars and soft music. Sudden I caught a shooting star out the corner of my eye. Maybe it wasn’t a shooting star but a star shower meteor shower because others notice. Then another one, quickly we realize the fireworks displays show had begun. The bride and groom took their place in the garden and it was just beautiful. In between enjoying the show, we took pictures of the bride and groom under the fireworks. It was a beautiful ending to a stunning wedding.

Heavenly Strings

She positioned herself by the orchestra. Not many in the group, but those who mattered were there. The piano began, playing it’s black and white keys. I knew it would soon be my turn to play. I lifted my bow, touched it to the strings and began dancing with them. The notes flowing from the instrument, were such that created an elegant entrance that deserving of an elegant woman. A wedding violinist, the reason why people know to stand on their feet. The sounds of strings rubbing against each other, announcing the entrance of a bride in white. Playing until the bride reached her gallant groom, the audience in awe as emotion fills their very soul. She reaches her destination as the violinist reaches his final note. The final note saying, this is it, take your final step. The violinist, is the very essence of class and an essential part to every wedding.

Costume Ball

Today is the big day of our Jane Austen costume ball! I have been daydreaming about this day ever since it was announced last fall. It’s going to be like a dream come true for me.

Our Jane Austen literature class will all be dressing up in period costume and hosting our Regency style ball in the assembly hall. There will be food made according to recipes from the era and we’ve even hired out all kinds of props and furniture to set the scene appropriately.

We’ve all been planning our costumes for months. I’m going in a dress I made myself. It’s a white poplin with a tiny blue flower pattern and a wide blue ribbon sash at the bustline. I’m having a wedding makeup artist do my face so that I’ll look gorgeous, but, not out of character for the era. I’m also having a girl from my dorm do my hair.

This is going to be the best night of my life!

Once Upon A… No, Wait!

Once upon a time, I thought it would be a good idea to become a writer. How wrong could I have been in this economy! My English degree sat worthless underneath my bed. I had no idea what to do. I was interning for free, and nobody wanted to look at my book. Then, I started a blog about my life. I was getting a few hits daily, but nothing exciting. Then, on a whim I decided to get some Manchester SEO. Had I known that it would work so well, I would have done this ages ago. After investing in SEO, my blog took off. I started getting calls from publishers who wanted to work with me. People were reading my stuff and enjoying it! Now, I have a book deal in the works. I could not be more happy in my professional life. This is all thanks to SEO.